Lismore Show Oz-Pet Display

Come and see Dom and Daryll at the Oz-Pet stand at the Lismore Show, come and pick up your free Oz-Pet samples, and see the range of Oz-Pet accessories that help extend the life of the Oz-Pet litter .

EKKA – Brisbane 2019 – Winners of Cat Loo Kits

We want to thank all entrants who entered our competition at the EKKA 2019 show to win a Cat Loo Kit, we had ten to give away, one for each day of the show!

The winners have been notified and are extremely happy with their wins:

Rebecca Lawlor – Indooroopilly

Debbie Litzow – Springwood

Gerry Bolton – Hope Island

Vanessa Martin – Chermside West

Priscella Taylor – Dakabin

Teah Hunter – Boronia Heights

Alexandra Grove – Bargara

Kaitlyn Roy – Narangba

Catherine Fox – Margate Beach

Kelly Edwards – Springwood

Thank you to all entries

EKKA – Brisbane 2019

Oz-Pet is excited to once again be attending the Brisbane EKKA 2019 show. Come and see us in the Cat Pavilion – there will be free samples

There will be a chance to win an Oz-Pet Cat Loo Kit, all you have to do is fill in an entry to be eligible.

Any questions about Oz-Pet and how it works – please drop by our stand in the Cat Pavilion

Pet Expos and Cat shows

On the 29th & 30th June 2019, staff from Oz-Pet attended the Carrara Cat Carnival held at Carrara markets Gold Coast, our mill manager Dom Serone took the reigns and began his journey into manning our booth for the first time. The show attracted many people looking at the various cat items available and the biggest hit was being able to to pet a cat, there seemed to be a line-up on both days to do this. Many cats were up for adoption and quite a few were adopted that day.

Dom was busy handing out Oz-Pet sample bags and also he had quite a few items purchased, Dom soon learnt how to use an Eftpos machine the first day. I popped in for a few hours to see what the Carrara Cat Carnival was about, and I was kept busy talking to people about Oz-Pet, giving sample bags out, demonstrating how our system works, why it is economical and if using our 2 piece sieve tray set was even more economical.

On the same weekend, the Gold Coast Pet Expo was held and Oz-Pet set up a booth which was manned by mill foreman Daryll Magarry and myself. Both days we were kept busy demonstrating our Oz-Pet litter and showing how our plastic accessories worked with our products. We handed out hundreds of sample bags and sold quite a few products.

There were many interesting exhibits at the show, which sold various items for cats, dogs, birds, reptiles. There were also some Rescue associations that were there to fund their efforts in rescuing animals in distress. The show also had the RSPCA adoption centre, which had many different types of cats and dogs up for adoption and they were very pleased with the adoption rate. This expo allowed owners of dogs on leads to bring them to the show and walk around looking at the exhibits, there were so many different breeds of dogs walking around and we never heard any of them growl at each other!

Cat shows – what are they about?

Australia is a cat loving country and this is evident in the amount of cat shows held throughout Australia, where people can share friendship and their love of cats.

Whilst we may think of dogs strutting their stuff, cats can be admired for their superior class and dignity and can compete in classes to take out Supreme Champion Pedigree in show. For the moggies or as they say in the cat world, domestic shorthair, sounds rather posh doesn’t it, they can be awarded ribbons, trophies and could also be titled “Longest Whiskas Cat”. Pedigree or moggy, any cat be shown.

Cat shows can have on display anywhere from 40 to some large events 400 plus cats on display. These felines are bathed, brushed, nails trimmed, vet checked before they are placed in a cage with elaborate curtains before being judged. Although the structure and rules are similar at most shows, cat shows can be different as the cat personalities. If you ever go to a cat show, you’ll probably notice the quirky atmosphere, complete with elaborately decorated and customized cat cages. Cat shows are also usually pretty hectic and noisy events with people screaming out “close the doors” with the occasional spooked-cat escape. The exhibitors and public all have one thing in common, their love of cats !

So what breeds will be there? Well anything from Abyssinians that look like cats from the jungle, vilifying Siamese, remember the Siamese cats from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp to the rather ET looking cat the Sphynx which has no hair. Where do the judges come from ? Judges can be invited from all around Australia and for the large National shows, international judges are invited from many places such as America, France or Russia – certainly a great job to have with all expenses paid for by the host club.

Who pays for these shows? Well exhibitors have to pay an entry fee for each cat and then the club approaches pet related businesses for cat products to assist with the trophies. Oz-Pet sponsors many shows, donating cat litter, litter trays and other promotional items.

Australia has cat clubs in every state that can assist with your enquiries. One of the National ones is ANCATS. Follow this link for more information.

Look out for Oz-Pet at your local cat show. If you enter you may be lucky enough to win one of our prizes !

Cat Lovers Melbourne

Oz-Pet attended the Cat Lovers show in Melbourne in September 2018, one of Oz-Pet’s Sales Reps, Anna Jenkin from Victorian and myself, talked and demonstrated our products to potential customers non-stop for 2 days, speaking about the wonderful attributes of Oz-Pet odourfree litter.

An amazing 20,000 people came through the doors of this new event held in Melbourne, there were times neither Anna nor myself could see the other side of the walkways due to the enormous crowds. See the following photos that show the huge crowds.

Anna and I gave out over 700 x 1.5kg Oz-Pet Samples and over 550 x 1.5kg Oz-Pet Crumble Samples, which kept us very busy.

There was a constant stream of people looking for new products for their cats/kittens and they had a wide range of products to look at, there were new style back packs for carrying around your cat so they could be taken on walks, there were many different styles of cat toys, cat beds, cat food and of course litter.

During the 2 days there were many talks given by professional experts, one I heard was by Kelly Gill, and that was all cats can be trained but it takes persistence, and it may take many weeks to train your cat.

Dr Harry Cooper was another popular presenter, and he spoke at length about how to solve some of the health problems that cats can have and also what type of cat that you should look for that would suit your lifestyle and home.

There was an area where there were over 30 different cats on display, there were Ragdolls, Hairless Sphinxes and Bengals, just to name a few, that people lined up for hours just so they could get up close to them, and some of them even got to pat the cats.

There were over 30 animal rescue groups from across Victoria, who were able to speak to many people who were looking at adopting a cat. There was a talk given by Alex Hecker on tips for adopting cats and responsible cat ownership.

The Cat Lovers Show in Melbourne will be on 30th November to 1st December 2019, and Oz-Pet will have a stand to continue to showcase the premium performance of their litters.

Supporting The Animal Community

Oz-Pet is a proud supporter of many groups, below just shows a few.
Phone: 02 6622 1881

Animal Rights and Rescue (ARRG) is a non-kill, foster-care group, we rescue and care for animals until they find their forever home. Our ‘foster carers’ and volunteers are all unpaid, monies donated to us, is used directly to help the animals.

We also support people in times of hardship such as domestic abuse, serious illness or homelessness by providing temporary shelter for their pets while they recover. ARRG assists local pounds when required and other agencies such as hospitals, refuges, and vets for re-homing of pets in times of crisis.

Since 1995 Animal Rights & Rescue have rescued and re-homed over 15,000 unwanted animals and have responded to neglect/cruelty cases when the RSCPA is not available and the police need help.
Phone: 02 6681 1860

Northern Rivers Animal Services (NRAS) is a not-for-profit, volunteer organisation that aims to rescue and rehome abandoned cats and dogs. The NRAS was started in October 2001 to provide care for the abandoned, abused, lost and unwanted dogs and cats in our region.

We operate within the Northern Rivers regional area, relying on the generosity of foster carers and aim to eventually have our own kennel facilities. As well as rescuing dogs and cats from the council pound, we assist with the costs of desexing for people in genuine need of financial assistance to desex their pet and maintain op shops in River Street, Ballina and Bridge Street, Lismore.

Volunteers are always needed to foster animals (food and vet work provided) and to help out at the op shops. We only adopt our pets to be rehomed within approximately one hundred kilometres of Ballina.

All our animals are desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and vet checked prior to being made available for adoption, while any necessary transportation arrangements are up to the new owners.
Welfare Office: 9519 7201
Adoption Centre: 9557 4818

At Cat Protection Society of NSW, we are very grateful to Oz-Pet for generously providing their eco-friendly litter and litter trays for the kittens, both at our Adoption Centre and in our foster care program. As Oz-Pet litter is 100 per cent organic it is a product we can have confidence in providing to all our growing kittens. Many of the stray kittens who come to us are inexperienced when it comes to using litter trays but we have found they adjust quickly to Oz-Pet. There has been lots of positive feedback about Oz-Pet not only from our foster carers and staff but also from clients who regularly purchase Oz-Pet litter from our retail store.

Oz-Pet is a product that we can be proud to recommend to our adopters.
At Cat Protection Society of NSW, we are committed to improving the quality of life for cats everywhere by educating the community about socially and environmentally responsible cat care. The Good Neighbour Project includes a variety of resources including videos and factsheets to support cat owners in providing the best possible care for their cats as well as protecting local fauna and neighbourhood amenity.

You can find these resources and more at

Leanne’s Cattery Rescue
Phone: 0468 422 822

Leanne has been doing rescue work since 2010, she has travelled as far as
Grafton and Tweed Heads to help with rescues. She can be called on for
rescues also in the local Ballina area and surrounding areas.

Professional Catteries Using Oz-Pet

Petcare Extraordinaire – Cairns Cat Oasis – Hanrob – Jovelles Cat Motel – http: Blue Mountains Pet Resort – If you are a cattery and use our product and would like to be on our website, please email:

Info On Cat Shows

Oz-Pet were one of many who exhibited at the AusPet 2017 trade show which was held in the Grand Pavilion Racecourse in October 2017. You can see Jeanette Rossiter, National Sales Manager on left, and Michael Stafford from Oz-Pet’s Sydney office on right, who manned the exhibit on Thursday and Manager Lyn Scott, bottom photo, helped Michael man the exhibit on the Friday.

Oz-Pet attended the RSPCA PIAA show held in July 2017, the event saw over 20,000 people attend the show, the Oz-Pet stand was kept busy as people streamed past and stopped to ask questions about the Oz-Pet products.

Lyn Scott Oz-Pet Manager and Daryll Magarry, foreman at the Woodburn mill ran the stand for the 2 days and were very happy with the response from prospective customers.