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Latest Update: After a long and devastating year of flood recovery we are in the final stages of rebuilding our pellet mill. While we don’t have a reopening date as yet we hope to be operational and producing hardwood pellets again by April/May.


For some of our customers, you maybe already aware that our manufacturing mill is in Woodburn NSW, which on the 28th February had the largest flood in history and our mill did not escape the 3 metres of water that came bursting through the whole town.

We are in the middle of testing our manufacturing equipment to see what we need to do so we can get up and running again, so we are able to produce our Original Oz-Pet litter – these bags have Green writing on them:

While we are unable to manufacture the Original Oz-Pet litter, we have managed to secure a company in Brisbane and a company in Sydney, to bag our Oz-Pet Pine litter that we had been selling for a few months – these bags have Orange writing on them:

These will be coming soon to retail pet stores

The main difference between the 2 different litters is that the pine litter will break down a lot quicker and you may find that it tracks easily by the cats/kittens paws, we recommend that you put down a litter mat underneath the litter tray that extends out the front where the cats/kittens jump in and out of them, this should help with some of the litter pieces.


Phil Smith Manager Oz-Pet






For orders outside Australia, please send enquiries to contacts@pha-ozpet.com.au



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