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Oz-Pet Cat and Pet Litter is deemed the ORIGINAL Wood Pellet Litter and was first introduced to Australia in 2004 by our Australian owned company based in Woodburn NSW. Using waste sawdust materials from local mills in the Northern Rivers regions Oz-Pet produce wood pellets that are ideal for Cat Litter, as well as Bedding for numerous varieties of animals. Our finished wood pellets were one of the pioneers of the Natural Cat Litter market, inherently they have natural odour control and high absorbent properties.

Our company is committed to promoting the use of environmentally friendly products. Oz-Pet Litter is free of any additives, and can be composted at the end of its cycle reducing land fill. We were also the first to develop our UNIQUE Two-Piece Sieve Tray system that provides a more economical way to manage your cat litter use, giving you a longer lasting and odour free litter.

Our product is available in most pet stores around Australia, and can also be purchased from our on-line store that also includes our accessories range. We work extensively with cat breeders, and participate in numerous cat shows to build awareness for Oz-Pet Cat Litter.

We have warehouses in Sydney, Brisbane, Newcastle, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth where we store our products for fast delivery to service our customers.


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Our Team

Oz-Pet Litter was first introduced to Australia in 2004 by our Australian owned company based in Woodburn NSW, our company.

Lyn Scott


Lyn Scott became manager in 2011 and continues to run the company; she is passionate about the environment. She believes that using plantation waste timber that once was burnt or thrown out to produce a product that can be used and then be put into our flower gardens rather than be thrown out into our garbage system is a small step in helping the environment but it all adds up.

Dom Serone


Dom first started working for the company in 2003, he helped build the mill and has run the pellet mill efficiently since it began production in 2004. He is highly skilled and can readily weld or build equipment that is needed by the mill operation. Dom is very knowledgeable about the many different species of timbers that come into our sawdust room and knows how to adjust the way the mill operates to accommodate these differences.