Oz-Pet Cat Loo

The CAT LOO is an EASY 1-2-3 Solution that provides your cat with a natural, Odourless toilet that is easy to maintain and economical to use.

When the litter gets wet, the particles break down and fall, or are shaken into the base tray. There is no need to change the litter as fresh litter is added to the top section only when required. With no ammonia smell, tracking or added chemicals, your cat will have the closest thing to being outdoors for its toilet.


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Setting up – Pour Oz-Pet litter pellets into the sieve section of the tray to a depth of 2.5cm. Additionally add a large handful of litter to the first bottom base to absorb odour causing liquids.

SCOOP – Scoop out solids daily. Waste may be flushed* or disposed of in a carrier bag and placed in bin.

SHAKE – Shake the tray daily to allow the wet litter to fall into the bottom tray. On average, every two days add a handful of fresh pellets to the sieve section of the tray.

ROTATE – When the bottom tray is full of waste sawdust, take the second base tray and add a large handful of litter to it. Lift the sieve section from the first tray and transfer to the new clean base. The dirty tray contents can either be flushed* away, disposed of in the garden as a natural mulch material or placed in the bin. Thoroughly wash the dirty tray with mild bleach or non-pine disinfectant.

Note: For one cat, rotate to a clean base every 2-3 day. For multiple cats, rotate to clean base daily.

Should your cat not adapt to a different litter, use one of the bottom bases only and spread a small quantity of your old litter over the Oz-Pet. When your cat has adapted to the new litter, commence using the Oz-Pet Cat Loo.

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  • Anti-microbial. The natural wood oils in the litter inhibits the growth of the ammonia odour. When you follow our instructions you should not be able to detect the smell of ammonia.
  • Economical – Greater absorbency and less litter used allows Oz-Pet litter pellets to last longer than other types of litter. On average a 10kg Bag of Oz-Pet litter will last 2 months when used with the Oz-Pet Cat Loo
  • Garden Friendly. Oz-Pet litter is manufactured from waste plantation timber, is 100% Bio-degradable with no added chemicals. Assist our environment and reduce landfill by disposing of the waste litter in your garden. The waste sawdust decomposes very quickly and can be shaken over lawns or mixed into flower beds and garden compost. NOTE – It should not be used on vegetable gardens.

Note: Flushing* Subject to local council regulations, a maximum of three scoops of the waste sawdust can be flushed away.

Health note: Care should be taken when handling any soiled cat litter. Gloves should be worn and hands thoroughly washed afterwards.



Hi there,

I just wanted to send you a quick testimonial as I purchased / trialled the Oz-Pet Cat Loo for the last month or so.

AMAZING product! I would have to have one of the smelliest and largest cats out there and this cat loo and litter system has worked a treat.  It really does keep the smell away for a decent time frame between emptying the bottom tray.  Very easy to clean as this litter box and litter basically looks after itself.  No longer does my cat have offensive smelly paws either.  Well worth the investment as my litter costs have halved and my time going into cleaning a litter box everyday has now been cut back to once a week (or once a fortnight if I forget as I can’t smell any cat urine).

Thank you for this terrific product!

Sarah & Misty
November 2018