Cat shows – what are they about?

Australia is a cat loving country and this is evident in the amount of cat shows held throughout Australia, where people can share friendship and their love of cats.

Whilst we may think of dogs strutting their stuff, cats can be admired for their superior class and dignity and can compete in classes to take out Supreme Champion Pedigree in show. For the moggies or as they say in the cat world, domestic shorthair, sounds rather posh doesn’t it, they can be awarded ribbons, trophies and could also be titled “Longest Whiskas Cat”. Pedigree or moggy, any cat be shown.

Cat shows can have on display anywhere from 40 to some large events 400 plus cats on display. These felines are bathed, brushed, nails trimmed, vet checked before they are placed in a cage with elaborate curtains before being judged. Although the structure and rules are similar at most shows, cat shows can be different as the cat personalities. If you ever go to a cat show, you’ll probably notice the quirky atmosphere, complete with elaborately decorated and customized cat cages. Cat shows are also usually pretty hectic and noisy events with people screaming out “close the doors” with the occasional spooked-cat escape. The exhibitors and public all have one thing in common, their love of cats !

So what breeds will be there? Well anything from Abyssinians that look like cats from the jungle, vilifying Siamese, remember the Siamese cats from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp to the rather ET looking cat the Sphynx which has no hair. Where do the judges come from ? Judges can be invited from all around Australia and for the large National shows, international judges are invited from many places such as America, France or Russia – certainly a great job to have with all expenses paid for by the host club.

Who pays for these shows? Well exhibitors have to pay an entry fee for each cat and then the club approaches pet related businesses for cat products to assist with the trophies. Oz-Pet sponsors many shows, donating cat litter, litter trays and other promotional items.

Australia has cat clubs in every state that can assist with your enquiries. One of the National ones is ANCATS. Follow this link for more information.

Look out for Oz-Pet at your local cat show. If you enter you may be lucky enough to win one of our prizes !

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