Oz-Pet Sieve Litter Trays

Sieve Litter Tray


The litter lasts longer
The good litter is not being thrown out with the bad or soiled pellets.

Odour is reduced even more
The wet litter falls through, or can be sifted through the sieve into the bottom tray and then removed.

No need to change the litter

New pellets are added on the top and the wet particles are removed from the bottom of the tray.

No Tracking
With the fine particles sieved out of the litter they can’t be taken out of the tray on your cat’s paws.

It looks great
You will love the clean look of only fresh pellets in the tray.

Makes wood litter last longer
Reduce odour even more
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Instructions for use

The Oz-Pet litter tray is designed specifically for use with Oz-Pet wood litter. The tray is made up of two parts, with the top section used as a sieve.

When Oz-Pet is wet, it breaks down into smaller particles, which then fall through into the bottom tray when shaken once or twice a day.

Solids being removed

Scoop out the solids

After scooping out the solids the tray is ready to use

Shake Tray

Shake the tray

Shake the tray to separate the wet fines (soiled pellets) from the good litter. If there are a lot of fines in the tray a stir with the scoop will help to separate them.

Separated wet fines

The wet fines are separated

The wet fines fall through into the bottom tray


The wet fines are now good for the flower garden, compost bin, lawn or worm farms

Add Small Amount of Pellets

Add a small amount of litter to the bottom tray

Refill Tray

Add a small amount of litter to the top tray if needed


The tray is now full and ready to use